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Business - How To Market A Business - Doug Mitchell - Part 4

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Everyone Wants to Write a Book

Multithread Marketing Book by Doug MitchellI’m pretty confident that a majority of Americans would like to write a book.  Most say they have a very special story in them, a perspective, a viewpoint, a spin.  Some want to write short stories, fiction, and plays.   But most end up drifting after a few chapters or writing sessions are complete.  Why?

Because writing a book takes the same dedication and discipline as exercise, eating right, or anything that matters in life.  It’s hard.

I can’t really track the hours I’ve put into this project but most certainly, I would be in shape if those were spent at the gym.  I can’t describe how many 3am passion induced insomnia sessions I’ve had just trying to capture the best raw content firing in my synapses.

I can say however that it was all worth it. Twenty six thousand three hundred and twenty nine words later.  Eight months of dedication and squeezing this into my life and I’ve arrived at the first checkpoint (book 1) on my writing journey.  I’m tickled that I can add some value (I think so) to business owners, marketers, students, and those who are trying to figure out what skills really are marketable in today’s hyper-economy. As the sub-title of “The MultiThread Marketer says, “How Hire (or better yet) Become One”, I’m here to inspire ACTION no matter what position you’re in.

I truly thought I’d be able to take a hiatus after this project and “take some time off” to sleep in.  Alas, I woke at 442am unprovoked and looking to clean up various details and housekeeping items so I can start on the next project.

I will have purchase details and links shortly.

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Secret School of Business

What is the value of an MBA or other advanced business degree?  Is it in any way financially prudent to spend $60k-$100k on an MBA if your simple goal is “career and salary advancement”?

I’m contemplating a Secret School of Business, kind of New World Order where students learn the real strategic skills that make them instantly more valuable at work, or more marketable if they choose to go elsewhere for employment.

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The MultiThread Marketer Final Draft Is Being Edited

I started writing my new book The MultiThread Marketer on the 17th of June and just tidied up the last bits this morning between 2AM and 6AM.  It’s being edited as I type and I will have it in hand shortly.  I will probably feel a sense of great satisfaction when I’m holding the book in my hands…but right now I have two VERY black eyes, am 50lbs overweight, and have transparent skin.  Yes, I’ve become some kind of geeky recluse with mild acne and no clothes that fit.

Here’s to getting back out of the writing cave, to warmer weather, and to accomplishing a MAJOR task on my lifetime list.  I am going to impose a hiatus of at least 2 weeks before the next writing project ensues :)  Yes, I’m already plotting.

It’s a curse.

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The Value of a Graduate Degree in Teaching and the Profit Dilemma

Academic dress for Masters in Singapore with d...
Image via Wikipedia

Here’s the dilemma.  Ultimately I’d like to teach at the college level.  However one of the great filters for teaching Undergraduate level students whether adjunct at DMACC or otherwise is the Masters Degree.  I don’t have one of those yet.

Now.  Here’s the deal.  I can apply and go through a Masters Degree program, come out with a degree, be 5 figures poorer, and at least have the chance to be granted an interview.  If I got an adjunct job, I’d feel the rewards of teaching to the extent that I’d enjoy spending nights away from home and family.

Truly, I think the only way I’d feel fully fulfilled in this quest for teaching is the PhD route.  Then, I’d at least have the ticket to the big game and when the time comes to wear tweed with leather patches, it would be an option.

Back to reality.  Knowing myself and my DNA, I can’t stop thinking,

You know Doug, why not spend a fraction of the money you’d otherwise spend on those degrees on books, and projects, and technology so you skip the far slower world of academia and hyper-accelerate your success?

The only things you’d miss by not going the Degree route are a built in audience (where you hope that your passion and approach will drive a high percentage of student engagement)…and no chance to make a profit.

Maybe I’m viewing this too simplistically and I’ve challenged myself to dig deep on this one because it’s a long term deal.  I could spend my energy teaching whatever subject I choose, internationally, in the next 30 days if I built my own audience.  I could even get paid for it on my own terms and keep all the money less the governmental tentacles.  I know each student would be engagement because they will have paid good money for this course.

What’s missing from the self-made equation?  Watching students eyes light up when they too believe they can accomplish anything.  The ego boost of rising through the ranks of professorhood and seeing your name on books?  Writing a ton?  Gaining the recognition and respect that comes from being a peer in the academic community?

Maybe writing my first book The MultiThread Marketer is me chiseling away at all the strata of what being an academic would mean to me?  Maybe all of my streaming online projects including the Internet Business Podcast Managing the Edge were the first forays into “teaching on a global scale through technology?”

I’m so fascinated by certain subjects like neuroeconomics and neuromarketing that I want to do a deep dive.  I crave knowledge…and since few graduate programs exist on these subjects anywhere, maybe I’ve just answered my question by blogging about it.

Thanks me.  Oh and thanks to WordPress.

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My Review of Roku XDS Player

Originally submitted at Roku


With dual-band wireless, the XDS delivers the best quality video virtually anywhere in your home.


Roku slowly replacing my DirecTV boxes

By Doug “Hollywood” Mitchell from Clive, IA on 1/15/2011



4out of 5

Pros: Easy to use, Built in Wi-Fi, Great value

Cons: Want more video choices

Best Uses: Kid room, Primary TV, Secondary TV

Describe Yourself: Technophile, Netflix fan, Early adopter

I have 2 Roku’s in the house now and have dumped two DirecTV boxes in my home. The ultimate goal is to drop my $100/mo satellite habit so if Roku can bridge the gap, especially for Gen X (me) and older, who probably have at least 1 in the house who “just want to sit down and watch stuff” without hassle or technology, we’ll get there. There’s still a “content gap” that’s not your fault, but your leadership CAN solve this. Keep rollin’


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Building a Mobile App in 6 Minutes Flat

BirdDog mobile app

Ok.  It might have been 5 minutes.  No it’s not available in the App Store.  But if you take a look at the BirdDog mobile App I created with WidgetBox.com you’ll have to be impressed.  At the very least, this gives one an idea of how they’d like to see their “actual downloadable app built” right? You could point your developer team to a URL and say “build this”.  That’s efficiency and it has given our team a way to explore what a mobile app would mean, what it would look and feel like, and whether we feel it’s necessary to take it to the next level. Oh, and you can either just put the URL into your phone to reach the app OR scan the auto-generated QR code.  Nice.

FYI – They say clearly on their own site that SAFARI and CHROME are the only browsers where this emulator/mockup works. The app works fine on the phone itself but to play around w/this in real-time online and click the tabs, etc…use one of those 2 recommended browsers. FireFox just doesn’t work w/it online for now.

14 day trial is all yours at WidgetBox.com too.   Enjoy

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Temporary Freelance Work Is Here To Stay

The NY Times today echoed something I’ve known in my gut for the last few years.  In the piece “Weighing Costs, Companies Favor Temporary Help,” the author highlights the ongoing hesitation of companies to bring on full-time staff…and the group of workers embracing this new model.  In fact,

companies have hired temporary workers in significant numbers. In November, they accounted for 80 percent of the 50,000 jobs added by private sector employers, according to the Labor Department.

Powerful stuff.  Even more powerful is this quote about the realignment of thinking in Corporations.

Several factors could be contributing to the trend. Many businesses now tend to organize around short- to medium-term projects that can be doled out to temporary or contract workers.

Finally, here’s a quote by an outlpaced accounting staffer.

“I just think I’ve gotten very accustomed to working very fast and working with many different people,” Ms. Musto, 38, said. She said she had fully replaced the income she was making at the newspaper and buys private health insurance.

Let me summarize:  Businesses and workers are realigning.  They are both realizing that bloating up with staff in many departments and functions is what got them in trouble in the first place.  Workers are accepting that jobs and employers aren’t a lifetime ticket to anything.  Companies are realizing that working in agile shorter term chunks and projects with highly skilled (and often cloud based) resources brings new blood, new expertise, and results with far less risk.

This approach taken one step further means “Tapping the Cloud” for limitless temporary/project based resources around the globe to execute.  This concept and how it drove my company from day one was the inspiration to write my book due out in January, “Tapping the Cloud:  How to Identify, Hire, or Become a Multi-Thread Marketer” (testing new title). 

With proper leadership in an agile firm, that firm can accomplish 3X more over the same period of time as a company using multiple external resource threads at 1/3 the cost.  (I now formally claim this as Mitchell’s Maxim.)

I invite your commentary.

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Managing the Edge and Continuity of Content

Many of you know that I did an Internet Business Podcast called Managing the Edge with Andy Brudtkuhl for over a year and for 30+ episodes.  Life and business got very busy for Andy and I so we went on a hiatus.  Last night I was poking around iTunes and found our show.  There was a comment that is still ringing in my ears.

I like this podcast but there are no new episodes being delivered???

Andy and I have been plotting our come back including a format change in length, etc. to really drive a larger scale adoption.  It’s so difficult to maintain a weekly podcast for 4 weeks let alone 48 or more.  But the continuity of content, the continuous presence, the consistency is what will earn you traffic and results over the long term.

Life moves fast and anyone who knows Andy and I know that we haven’t been relaxing over this hiatus…quite the contrary in fact.  I’ve sold a company and begun a new adventure.  Andy is married now and deep into a few big projects.

But we’re firing back up very soon.  We hope to begin before 2011 but please, if you don’t mind, please subscribe to Managing the Edge on iTunes and if you like our show, give it a review.  We’ll ramp ourselves back up shortly and begin delivering the kind of material that got us named a Top 100 Small Business Technology Podcast.

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2010 Immigrant Entrepreneur Summit – Marketing Presentation

I was humbled to be asked to present again at this year’s IES – Immigrant Entrepreneur Summit held at Drake University. With over 450 people in attendance, this year rocked again. Thanks to all and I hope we can come back next year and build in a half day workshop around the conference.

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The Next Stage of My Marketing Life

Doug Mitchell Des Moines Iowa MarketerI’m pleased to announce that I’ve joined BirdDog (a part of the 14 year old Industry People Group, Inc.) as its Vice President of Marketing here in Urbandale, IA.  BirdDog is a Candidate Acquisition & Management System for the Construction, Infrastructure, Engineering, and Facilities sectors.  Watch the video below and check out the awesome animation work of Adam Beecher.

Many of you know that I’ve been spending most of my time there since June of this year in a full-time contract engagement.  The early July announcement of my partnership with Andrew Clark (@thebrandchef) was the first phase of my transition to this new role.

The completion of BirdDog’s round of funding from Dewaay Investment Partners I, LLLP announced a few weeks ago meant that I could execute the next part of the plan which was fully handing over all operations and client relationships, and taking a more public role at BirdDog.  That process is complete.  I cannot express enough gratitude to all the passionate clients and freelancers who propped me up and helped me build a success story.  Thank you.

Some of you may ask, why? Small business in multimedia and web strategy…growing client base and revenues…low overhead and a recovering economy…etc.

Well the decision didn’t come lightly…but I had a nagging voice in the back of my skull that kept craving “focus”.  My body and brain were craving a nexus around which my efforts could orbit.  After 3 years of cranking, a long term contract was the initial desire but the team here at BirdDog was such a great fit, the business plan was aggressive and well funded, that I couldn’t pass this up.  I am truly getting to execute everything I did for 15 companies…inside one organization and toward one goal with a great team.

This team is aggressive like a 14 year old start-up and anyone who knows me knows that I thrive in that environment.  I’d be lying if I said spending more time with my busier than ever family wasn’t on my mind too.  The timing was right for me to simplify things and reacquaint myself with being there and not just “being there”.

We’re moving into a great new office at 2900 100th St. just up from Hickman this weekend and by Monday, my office will transform into a full blown multimedia studio as we ramp content production of all kinds.  I welcome you to stop by and see what we’re up to on this new adventure.  Thank you so much for your support and know that you’re in good hands with Andrew at createWOWmarketing.  He’s absolutely the perfect partner to keep creating WOW in Central Iowa.

What about OperationRedState.com Doug?

OperationRedState has always been a passionate pursuit and will continue to be so.  It has always co-existed with our other work and projects and it will continue to do so.  I still have an excellent team of content ninjas and strategists that develop winning online campaign strategies.


I’m still speaking and would love to do more and I’m about 11,000 words into my new book “The Multi-Thread Marketer” and I anticipate its release in December/January time frame.  This is my first full length business book and I find myself rising at ungodly early hours with chapters burning across my synapses.  I can’t wait to get this into the market and see how it does.  I will print a few copies for hand outs at engagements…but this will primarily be ebook driven on iBook/Amazon/etc.

Until we meet again in person or virtually, thank you.

Official Release Text:


Kelly Moore (for BirdDog)

BirdDog Adds VPs as Part of Re-branding Effort

DES MOINES, Iowa (October 26, 2010) – Niche talent acquisition and management company BirdDog has added two vice presidents to its team of associates. The hires are part of a strategic re-branding the company has launched to expand its employer client base in the construction, infrastructure, engineering and facilities markets.

Doug Mitchell has joined BirdDog as vice president of marketing. In 2007, Mitchell founded interactive marketing firm createWOWmedia, which delivered marketing strategy and execution services to Iowa companies. The company, now createWOWmarketing, continues under the ownership of Des Moines marketing professional Andrew Clark, a.k.a. The Brand Chef.

Hailing from California where he spent five years as vice president of marketing for a technology company, Mitchell authored the ebook, “Confessions of an Ex-Enterprise Salesperson:  What I Really Meant When I Said _____,” and is currently writing “The Multi-Thread Marketer: How to Identify and Hire Marketing Leaders in the Hyper-Economy,” which is scheduled for a December 2010 release.

“Doug’s experience in driving demand and customer engagement through online media is precisely what this company needs,” said Marc Sampson, BirdDog’s founder and CEO, “Thanks to Doug’s expertise, BirdDog has already made a quantum leap forward in its marketing efforts.”

Now BirdDog’s vice president of business development, Scott Prohaska has worked closely with engineering, oil and gas, refining, petro-chemical and power plant customers throughout his career. A mechanical engineer, Prohaska spent more than 11 years with Emerson Electric where he held various positions, including hiring manager. In this position, Prohaska sourced, recruited, hired and managed engineers, sales specialists, mechanics and service technicians. As such, he is uniquely qualified to understand what is important to BirdDog employer clients.

Like Mitchell, Prohaska is a former business owner. Prior to joining BirdDog, he owned and operated L.R.S., a high performance parts and race chassis manufacturing company, as well as Magnum Fabrication, a manufacturing and service-based business.

Mitchell and Prohaska will work toward several goals that come as a result of BirdDog’s recent influx of funding, led by DeWaay Investment Partners I, LLLP. The pair will drive market and customer development, as well as execute an extensive interactive marketing campaign for BirdDog’s candidate acquisition and management system.

About BirdDog
Founded in Des Moines in 1997 as Industry People Group, BirdDog hunts and retrieves specialized candidates then tracks and manages them through to the hire in the construction, infrastructure, facilities and engineering industries. The company powers niche job boards BirdDogJobs.com, MEPjobs.com, ASHRAEjobs.com, and AGCiajobs.com, connecting employers with jobseekers online. In addition, BirdDog offers a robust Web-based tool providing employers with simplified cross-posting and paperless management tools, reducing the time and investment required to bring top talent on board. For more information, visit birddogjobs.com or follow on Twitter @birddog_jobs.

# # #

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