Fitbit World Personal Record Weekend – April 21-22 #fitbitPRday

If you have a fitbit, you know how awesome it is for assisting in the day-to-day management of intake vs. output.  More and more people are tracking their fitness with apps and devices.  Those are dandy, but fitbit is a tiny little non-intrusive “widget” that clips onto a sleeve or tucks in a shorts pocket and you won’t know it’s there.

Well I got this crazy idea to do a national (or international why not) fitbit personal record day because I’ve been stuck at about 21,000 as a record for a while.  I have friends who’ve crested over 30k steps in a day! I’m going to go for 40k steps in a day.  Big time for me.  So if you’re a fitbitter…or become one before then, please join us.  Here’s the process.

  • put out your best effort sometime the weekend of April 21-22.
  • take a picture of your step count on your fitbit device.
  • Post that picture to your Facebook page and tag the fitbit page – or simply post it to their fan page.
  • Spread the word about this on Twitter as well.  My handle is @mitchgroup – Use hashtag #fitbitPRday
  • Consider joining this great FitBit group -

Let’s see how many people can rock it out and WHO WILL GET THE record for most steps recorded that day???  Of course we’d love fitbit to play along with us since we love them so much but this is about you all so promote this and see where it goes!

All the best



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  • MacyKoch

    Great idea! The team from @RecBob:twitter will join you & will hopefully break our own personal records! Way to be active!

  • Troy Rutter

    I’m in!  It would be “easier” on a weekend rather than a week day for me, but I’ll try.  21,000?  I’m lucky to break 10,000 and that takes a lot of commitment.  Would be great to see a flickr pool of photos too. :)

    • mitchgroup

      Weekend of April 21-22 is when it’s happening so you’re covered Troy. Make it happen.

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