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Managing the Edge and Continuity of Content - How To Market A Business - Doug Mitchell

Managing the Edge and Continuity of Content

Many of you know that I did an Internet Business Podcast called Managing the Edge with Andy Brudtkuhl for over a year and for 30+ episodes.  Life and business got very busy for Andy and I so we went on a hiatus.  Last night I was poking around iTunes and found our show.  There was a comment that is still ringing in my ears.

I like this podcast but there are no new episodes being delivered???

Andy and I have been plotting our come back including a format change in length, etc. to really drive a larger scale adoption.  It’s so difficult to maintain a weekly podcast for 4 weeks let alone 48 or more.  But the continuity of content, the continuous presence, the consistency is what will earn you traffic and results over the long term.

Life moves fast and anyone who knows Andy and I know that we haven’t been relaxing over this hiatus…quite the contrary in fact.  I’ve sold a company and begun a new adventure.  Andy is married now and deep into a few big projects.

But we’re firing back up very soon.  We hope to begin before 2011 but please, if you don’t mind, please subscribe to Managing the Edge on iTunes and if you like our show, give it a review.  We’ll ramp ourselves back up shortly and begin delivering the kind of material that got us named a Top 100 Small Business Technology Podcast.

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  • http://egosoletrader.com Martin Lindeskog

    Doug Mitchell,

    Good premises with your podcast! I look forward to listen to your new episodes. Please keep me up to date with your plans.

  • Doug Mitchell

    Thanks again Martin:
    Please spread the word about the podcast and expect greatness soon. Back links are ALWAYS appreciated and favorable iTunes reviews…well those are super-sweet. Thanks again.

  • http://48web.com Andy Brudtkuhl

    Did you leave a reply on iTunes? We’re back!

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