My Second Experience With MOOC

MOOC table

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course in case you haven’t been exposed to this yet.  I took a class on Lean Startup methodologies before and it went great.  This time, I was taking an entrepreneurial technology class.  Assignment one went great. It was independent and mine alone.

Next step was to form a team, and do a team assignment – and this is where things absolutely went down in flames.

  1. Joining a team with thousands of folks I didn’t know seemed interesting enough.
  2. Before I could figure out how to do this…I was assigned to a team.
  3. In no time, I was receiving messages from said team members about things that were not relevant at all to what I was doing.
  4. I tried to complete an assignment quickly and move on only to find that I’d “completed the team assignment” on accident with no input whatsoever.  I apologized…but never really got a response directly.
  5. After everything seemed very vague and unclear – I jettisoned the class.

I’m not dismissing MOOC’s as the future of education however I do believe that any time more than one person is involved or teams are required that things be incredibly clear to avoid inevitable group drain.  Do we believe that we can get the “group experience” of working with folks around the world by having the compute auto-select our teammates based on check boxes or keywords?  Maybe…but this experience failed and I gave it all I had…captain.


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