New Job Description: Corporate Sweeper

715px-Boschert-schimpfSoccer practice is firing up again today and that triggered some pondering:  Why don’t companies use Sweepers?  Sweepers act as floating defenders (typically) who’s job description is defined more loosely

than say a “left back.”  These folks are typically very physically and mentally fit, tough, and can cover a lot of ground quickly. The coach trusts the sweeper’s instincts and gives a lot of leeway to think independently.

The “job description” is to kick butt, pick up the pieces where things have fallen through the cracks, and win. Failure happens but it’s part of the game.

Sweepers aren’t afraid to put on a hard foul and occasionally take a yellow card for the team.  Most of all, the grit and determination of sweepers earn respect and people follow their lead.

The Italians actually call this position “Libero” or “Free.”  Free to make an impact where needed.  Free to make ad hoc decisions.

The use of sweepers in soccer has largely wained since the early 90′s.   Maybe it’s time for a resurgence of the sweeper – in your company.  Does this sound attractive?

POSITION TITLE:  Company Sweeper  (Janitorial Department) Reports to CEO.


  1. Critical independent thinker who can adapt to constant change.
  2. Can develop game plans on the fly and “without a play book.”
  3. Leads others to victory, dislikes defeat but knows that every champion takes some knocks along the way.
  4. During non-game days, creates innovative ways to get the best from fellow teammates.
  5. Can identify areas in the field or plays developing ahead of most others and works quickly to close gaps or exploit opportunity.
  6. Can see the playing field with a 6th sense not commonly found in others.
  7. Works hard to master the game and comes in every day with purpose.
  8. Is accountable to everyone in the team and team management without being told.

I think companies should consider these odds breeds who can make plays, score goals, and who don’t back down.


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