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What’s Your Walking Dead to Living Ratio at the Office? - How To Market A Business - Doug Mitchell

What’s Your Walking Dead to Living Ratio at the Office?

I’ve been asking business people around town “what’s your zombie to living ratio at the office?” – and not surprisingly a) there is a high percentage of walking dead and b) everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about with no further explanation.

Look around. How many of your colleagues get bitten once they swipe that card to get through the door? Is work the place where you can just zombify and “get through until happy hour” or “get through until you get home to see your wife and kids?”  Work shouldn’t be a temporary zombie purgatory.

When you are in the bathroom next time…look in the mirror.  If you see something you don’t like – there is hope.


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  • Shawn Clarkwilt

    You can see all of them at 4:40 every day.  These zombies have learned to drive cars now and are on 235 heading west….

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