What I Can Do

I take on side projects to pay for my kids’ college, cars, and hobbies

Writing Content

I'm a pretty good writer and do so in a natural and conversational voice. I've written multiple books of my own (Amazon).

General Consulting

I have been involved in multiple early stage and high-growth companies over the last 20 years. I can share that knowledge, ask key questions, and challenge assumptions pretty well.

Marketing Strategy

I've sold big stuff and small stuff and generated demand using ABM as well as brute force sales methods (I'm best at cold emailing).

Here's the basic summary of "Me"

I am an experienced Analytic Translator and passionate developer of team members and cultures. As an inspired learner, I focus on the Future of Work, including machine learning, people analytics, and data-driven decision making. I am comfortable being uncomfortable and relish to opportunity to parachute into new markets and find new ways to add value, develop new insights, and create exceptional experiences. Additionally, I leverage my MS in Business Analytics (Iowa,’ 20) and the insights gained in my doctoral program in Strategic Leadership (Liberty University,’ 25) to help companies lean into the automation economy. 



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