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I’m a native Californian who decided to jump from the treadmill and reclaim my time, my family…and my life.

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I spent the early portion of my career in technology sales, both inside and outside.  Then in 1999, I took a chance and jettisoned stability for the chance to write a business plan for a start-up company in Orange County, CA.

That leap resulted in an angel funding round and my start-up life began.  Soon I was traveling, building business, engaging in marketing, financial forecasting…I even learned some basic coding (after all when there’s no one do to what you need done in a start-up…you just have to figure stuff out).

The next start-up I joined in 2002 involved so much travel that I could really live anywhere in U.S.  It was time to pull the trigger and exit the California rat race.  We had friends in CA that moved back to Des Moines, Iowa when they had kids and we visited them…and were hooked.  Des Moines has all of the niceties of a big city with none of the hassles.  So in 2005 we packed up and planted in Clive, Iowa a suburb on the Western Edge of the Des Moines metro area.

That move gave me the freedom to flex my personal branding muscles.  I networked, blogged, and began connecting to “The Connectors” in town and before long I figured out that “If you want to go somewhere and get something done in this town…you simply have to ask and execute.“    I’ve written extensively about my passion for Des Moines and how easy it is to get things done here. (Article I wrote for NewGeography.com called “I Heart Des Moines”)

In 2007 I jumped out on my own and formed a company that delivers Interactive Marketing services to small and medium sized companies called createWOWmedia.  In my work, I’ve passionately helped companies get found online, leverage multimedia to amplify their online brands, and learned volumes about how to convert online visits and social marketing connections…into money.  I sold createWOW in 2010.

Today, I speak, write, and work with creatives here in Des Moines to drive tangible online results.  If you’d like to catch a glimpse at how and I think about sales, marketing, and business you should download my first ebook “Confessions of An Ex-Enterprise Salesperson:  What I Really Meant When I Said _________”.

I released my first full length business book “The MultiThread Marketer” in 2011.  This book lays out the marketing mindset that enables small businesses to have the agency marketing power that big companies have at a fraction of the investment – and all without hiring staff.

In 2013, I’m working with clients on projects and have just released a a coaching program called BreakingRetail.  Breaking Retail is a how to guide for food entrepreneurs and those who want more hands on help can join a virtual coaching group.  Over the last 5 years, I’ve built a niche seasoning business and am now in more than 20 retail locations and the business does not rule my life or siphon off my time.  You can grab a sample of the guide at the website if you’d like to see if the program is right for you.

If you’d like to connect, please connect in whatever way makes sense for you.  I tend to process emails and social media connections in batches early in the AM so if you need me right away, please give me a call at 515.306.9319.

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