Quantum Followership

I’m embarking on a new book, course, or thought experiment called Quantum Followership. There are thousands of books on leadership, yet followers are at least as important as their counterparts in the leader-follower equation. Why?

Start naming off the top characteristics of leaders you admire.
Now, do the same for followers.
You’re not alone if you found it tougher to come up with positives for followers. We typically hear that leaders are inspiring, have empathy, and just have that special something.

We hear of followers as sheep, those who don’t have what it takes to “lead” and those relegated to “lower” roles in the hierarchy.

I’ve begun a quest to read and digest everything I can about followership. I’m a few books in now and I’m going to share my research and ideally form the foundation of a PhD in Followership Studies in the next few years.

Why Quantum Followership? I believe followers exhibit the same characteristics we see in Quantum superposition, i.e., follower is actually in two states at once. Followers are neither followers nor leaders in our equation. They are both simultaneously. Without followers, there are no leaders.

That’s about where my knowledge of Quantum Anything stops so please understand it’s more of a concept that I think represents my not so quantum life – normal business.

If you want to follow my progress, subscribe, and let’s see where it takes us.