About Doug

Never stop learning

  • As I’ve aged, continuous learning, growth, and development have become my passion.  
  • The stack of books in my office continues to grow. I’ve been working on a business plan and pitch deck for a concept for about three years now and have a couple other concepts that have crept into my psyche.  Work can really get in the way when you want to ideate and create all day.
  • I created and sell a very popular seasoning with a hyper-loyal following called Ultimate Steak Seasoning.  You won’t regret grabbing a couple bottles.
  • I’m an X-phile.
  • I am an experienced Analytic Translator and passionate developer of team members and cultures. 
  • As an inspired learner, I focus on the Future of Work, including machine learning, people analytics, and data-driven decision making. 
  • I am comfortable being uncomfortable and relish to opportunity to parachute into new markets and find new ways to add value, develop new insights, and create exceptional experiences. 
  • I leverage my MS in Business Analytics (Iowa,’ 20) and the insights gained in my doctoral program in Strategic Leadership (Liberty University,’ 25) to help companies lean into the automation economy. 
  • I favor practice over preaching when it comes to people leadership.

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